Vanguard Enforcer provides proven, real-time intrusion protection, detection and management solutions for the z/OS mainframe that prevent human error and deliberate attacks. By providing 24x7 protection for critical information and resources hosted on the mainframes, Vanguard Enforcer guarantees that z/OS and RACF® security standards, profiles, rules and settings are not compromised. In less than two seconds, the software can automatically detect and notify personnel when threat events on the mainframe and network occur, then respond to deviations from the security baseline with corrective actions that reassert the approved security policy.

With Vanguard Enforcer, organizations can more easily meet the demands of regulatory compliance standards that require continuous oversight to ensure that approved IT/IS controls are in place and stay that way. And, organizations can be confident that their z/OS and RACF security implementation is protecting critical data and resources and continuously adhering to best practices standards. Vanguard Enforcer is the only intrusion detection solution for the mainframe to be awarded Common Criteria certification (EAL 3+), and is the 2009 and 2010 winner of Government Security News Magazine’s Homeland Security Award for the Best Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Protection systems.

To maintain security Vanguard Enforcer:

  • Provides continuous, periodic scanning of RACF security profiles looking for deviations from the policy baseline and taking automated corrective action.
  • Monitors and detects threat-related security events without human intervention.
  • Notifies security personnel on a wide variety of intrusion-related events via text message, cell phones, MVS console, email, etc.
  • Automates security measures to reduce operating expenses.
  • Improves the productivity and effectiveness of scarce security staff.
  • Manages the security implementation baseline that enforces an organization’s security policies.

Vanguard Enforcer was awarded Best Intrusion Management by Government Security News.





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