ACF2 to RACF Migration Service

The Vanguard Professional Services team can now assist organizations with ACF2-to-RACF security migrations using VAR (Vanguard ACF2 to RACF tool set) which allows organizations to leverage the VAR tool to find any unexpected differences, identify, and resolve any conversion exceptions between ACF2 and the newly migrated RACF.

VAR Migration Process

  • Migration Assessment
  • Migration Planning
  • RACF Migration Environment Preparation
  • Password Capture Capabilities
  • RACF Database Loading
  • VAR Program Product Utilities
  • RACF Environment Customization
  • Program Product Testing
  • Application System Testing
  • Production System Testing with VAR
  • Production Cutover
  • Post Cutover Activities

For those z/OS users that elect to migrate their security server from one to another, Vanguard provides a highly successful process that is both budget sensitive and improves operational efficiency.

This capability can service all environments, from small to worldwide operations.

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