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Vanguard Administrator

for RACF

Vanguard Administrator saves time and money by simplifying and automating z/OS Security Server administration tasks. Administrator enables enterprises to operate with reduced headcount and improved security, while increasing workload.

  • Can your cybersecurity tools help you implement the most stringent security and compliance programs AVAILABLE for your z/OS Security Server environment?
  • Can your tools enable less technical staff to perform security administration that would normally take hundreds of hours to implement?
  • Can they easily handle increased workloads and complex administration of your enterprise environment?


  • Ease of creating reports without knowing a proprietary command syntax.
  • Ability to generate commands without knowing specific command syntax, via user-friendly menu panels.
  • Ability to generate thousands of commands for mass updates, savings reflected in productivity and reduction in time required to manually type the actual command syntax.
  • Vanguard Administrator’s panel-driven functionality allows administrators to use the product without any required training.
  • Ability to invoke other Vanguard products natively from the Vanguard Administrator Main Menu.


  • Enables security staff to automate recurring, time-consuming “task-oriented” enterprise administration.
  • Delivers extensive reporting and data mining.
  • Provides easy-to-use digital certificate administration.
  • Supplies easy-to-use UNIX files system reporting and management.
  • Allows comparing profiles on the same or different RACF databases.
  • DB2 Administration
  • Supports PCI DSS 7.2

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