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Vanguard Administrator

for RACF and ACF2

(TSS support coming soon)

Vanguard Administrator makes what were once complex tasks effortless. Previously arduous processes are now in many cases, single step actions that can be accomplished without expert knowledge of RACF or significant investment in training.

RACF Key Differentiators

  • Ease of creating reports without knowing a proprietary command syntax.
  • Ability to generate RACF commands without knowing RACF command syntax, via user-friendly menu panels.
  • Ability to generate thousands of RACF commands for mass RACF updates. Savings reflected in productivity and reduction in time required to manually type the RACF command syntax.
  • Vanguard Administrator’s panel driven functionality allows administrators to use the product without any required training.
  • Ability to invoke other Vanguard products natively from the Vanguard Administrator Main Menu.
  • Compare Features. Compare Users, Groups, Datasets and General Resource against LIVE or EXTRACT versions of the RACF database. You can compare access of LIVE versus any time in the past (as long as you have an extract)
  • QuickGen Reporting – create your own reports, create commands based on results
  • Enhanced Reporting allows for multiple fields with Boolean logic.
  • Unix System Services Reporting – Reports based on USS access in multiple formats and reporting on USS components.
  • Available SURROGAT profiles

SURROGAT Class Analysis Reporting

Users can access the SURROGAT Class Analysis options to specify the data set name for the tables used by SURROGAT Class Analysis. You can use the LIVE option to build the table data from the RACF database instead of the Vanguard Administrator extract file.

Vanguard Administrator for RACF and ACF2

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Vanguard Administrator

for ACF2

Improves Operational Efficiency

  • Simplifies the administration, and increases the quality and effectiveness of ACF2 security implementation. Provides a wide range of ACF2 security administration, data mining, reporting and print capabilities in online mode.
  • Allows experienced IT security experts to work more efficiently, while providing an easy-to-use environment that brings inexperienced staff members quickly up to speed.

Quickly Restores ACF2 Access Rules

  • Allows you to see all changes made to a Resource or Data Set access rule since a Baseline was established.
  • User Interface makes restoring an access rule to a previous state easy to do.
  • Uses a VSAM file that was initialized with Baseline access rule information taken directly from ACF2.

Security Automation Benefits

  • Engineered to provide higher levels of performance and functionality, in addition to various levels of integration with other Vanguard ACF2 security solutions.
  • Solves a known issue of increased workloads and operating complexity with security automation features that provide easy-to-use identity management, task-oriented administration, authority analysis, and security monitoring.