Compliance Services Package

Vanguard is proud to be the only cybersecurity software provider to offer a multi-level Audit & Compliance services package that is compatible with all z/OS systems to give your enterprise the most complete and comprehensive compliance solution available.

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”
– Arnold H. Glosow

Features Include:

• White Box Test
• Black Box Test
• Identifies penetration risk on z/OS servers
• Provides remediation plan to correct vulnerabilities


Vulnerability Assessments

• 170+ mainframe security configuration controls
• Documented security policies for provisioning and administration
• Guidance on how to prevent future problems


Vanguard Compliance Manager

• Performs critical compliance checks
• Performs custom baseline checks
• Automated reports for remediation


Compatible Systems:

• ACF2
• z/Linux


Managed Services:

Boost your compliance service with Vanguard Managed Services and customize your solution to meet the skills requirement that maximizes results for your specific environment.


• Onsite or Remote 24/7 Resources
• Proven Offerings for Governance Risk and Compliance
• Business Knowledgeable Resources
• Solve Open Requirements with Budget Sensitive Offerings


Benefits of Managed Services:

• Get resources anytime you need them
• Current and up-to-date releases
• Reduced overhead costs

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Penetration Testing
• Black Box Testing
• White Box Testing


Vulnerability Assessments
• “Backdoor” Code Analysis
• Exposes ESM and system setting weaknesses


Vanguard Compliance Manager
• 500+ checks
• Identifies gaps for remediation

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