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Vanguard Integrity Professionals announce the launch of Version 2 Release 2 Security Software for z/OS Security Server


Vanguard Integrity Professionals is proud to announce the launch of Version 2 Release 2 security software for z/OS Security Server available for immediate delivery.


The latest version of Vanguard Security and Compliance software improves on nearly every aspect of the solution for Enterprise, z/OS Security Server and Cloud deployments with a vast array of new features and functionality along with significant performance enhancements optimizing security, administration, governance, and compliance at a time when data security is crucial.






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Introducing The Vanguardian

The Vanguard Marketing Department is proud to officially announce The Vanguardian Quarterly News. The Vanguardian will feature important Vanguard and industry information, press releases, corporate events, new product offerings and general interest stories.


The Vanguardian represents a way to distribute important information to Vanguard customers and prospects with the latest updates and relevant news. If you would like to suggest a topic of interest, or any Vanguard news, please contact the Vanguard Marketing Department directly.

Customer Driven

At Vanguard, customer service is always our number one priority. Our entire operation is dedicated to supporting the needs of each customer. Our guiding philosophy is that customer service is not part of our employment; it’s the reason for our employment!


At Vanguard, customer service is just as important to the software development team as it is to our sales team. If a customer service issue arises, there is nothing more important. No one on the team has any qualms about stopping what they are doing to deal with the situation at hand promptly and efficiently.


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