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Vanguard Integrity Professionals announce the launch of Vanguard Security Solutions Version 2.4 for z/OS Security Server

Vanguard Integrity Professionals is pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of Version 2.4 Security Solutions software for the IBM z/OS Security Server. This version of Vanguard software improves on its predecessor, as well as being available for Continuous Delivery..

Customer Service Driven

At Vanguard, customer service is always our number one priority. Our entire operation is dedicated to supporting the needs of each customer. Our guiding philosophy is that customer service is not part of our employment; it's the reason for our employment! At Vanguard, customer service is just as important to the software development team as it is to our sales team. If a customer service issue arises, there is nothing more important. No one on the team has any qualms about stopping what they are doing to deal with the situation at hand promptly and efficiently.

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