Discover, Analyze, Contain and Restore


The program offers real-time z/OS, RACF, ACF2, and TSS Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assist in an unexpected event such as a cybersecurity incident or a malicious insider attack that requires an immediate remedy.

Vanguard Response Team Mission

  • 24/7 Immediate response with a predesigned escalation process
  • Deliver customized support procedures that matches your current resource capability
  • Provide a well-defined plan that can be presented to corporate stakeholders


Escalation Process from Incident Request

  1. Deploy a 24/7 response team to evaluate the issue
  2. Apply targeted resources for the event
  3. Conduct a thorough SME forensic analysis on the system
  4. Restore and secure operations
  5. Implement remediation plans for stakeholders


Budget-sensitive programs are available to meet your specific environment!

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