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Let’s talk about outsourcing. Are you currently outsourcing your z/OS environment? How are you staying on top of policy compliance?

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Vanguard Policy Manager product features include:
• Compliance Enforcement.
• Enhanced Controls over Command Usage.
• Enhanced Controls over Parameter and Subparameter Usage.
• Enhanced Controls over Parameter and Subparameter Values.
• Ability to Add Parameters to Comply with Policy.
• Replacing Parameters and Subparameters to Comply with Policy.
• Enhanced Command Logging.
• Profile Integrity.

Vanguard Policy Manager ensures that your supported z/OS Security Server (RACF) commands are compliant with policy.


Available Times are all PST and each discussion is 20 minutes.

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*Any information you provide will be kept completely confidential.

Participating Subject Matter Experts

Brian Marshall, President of Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Brian joined Vanguard in 2006 as the Director of Research and Development. Prior to joining Vanguard, he served 11 years in software development management at Computer Associates and Innovative DP Designs, Inc., where he led the development team for IMS database utilities. He was also a professor of computer science at Solano College in Fairfield, California. Brian holds a BS in Computer Science and MBA from Sonoma State University. He has also received the best session award for SHARE 2016 and 2017 and remains an active speaker at cybersecurity events worldwide

John Connors, VP of Technology, Vanguard Integrity Professionals

John joined Vanguard´s Professional Services Team as a Senior Professional Services Consultant in April 2002 and has amassed over 35 years of cybersecurity experience. He has a broad based technical background with expertise and certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCP, MCP+I, MCSE), Cryptographic System Repairman, Computer Languages including .NET, C#, C++, ADA, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL, Perl, Dbase III, ACCESS; CISCO Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Frame Relay, ATM, Microsoft Information Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Site Server, VTEL Video Communications Systems, TC2000, Multi-point Conference units, AT&T Switches, Dimension 400, 2000, System 75/85 and G3.

Milt Rosberg, Global VP, Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Deeply rooted in the security industry since 1999 with Consul Risk Management (acquired by IBM), Milt Rosberg has worked with Vanguard Integrity Professional as a consultant since 2001 along with other industry leading companies that provide solutions ACF2, Top Secret and RACF. Other areas of expertise include z/OS vulnerably engagements, SIEM connectivity compliance, audit solutions, and system migrations. Milt also works closely with CISO professionals within the critical infrastructure producing quick results to complex security business related strategies that improve operational efficiency while meeting the rigors of compliance. He is also a frequent speaker at many worldwide cybersecurity conferences.


*Any information you provide will be kept completely confidential.