Vanguard Administration is a powerful cybersecurity solution, securing data while automating complex processes.

  • Delivers powerful reporting and monitoring.
  • Provides control over security administration while saving time, resources and money, reducing head-count, and labor.
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks with multiple easy-to-use interfaces including traditional panel-driven, web and Windows GUI-based.

Vanguard Audit & Compliance is a robust cyber-compliance solution, ensuring standards compliance through collection and continuous monitoring of data.

  • Performs millions of critical compliance checks including NIST, DHS, DISA, PCI, SOX, 23 NYCRR 500 and many others while delivering detailed assessments and proactive policy enforcement in accordance with corporate policies providing a real-time audit trail.

Vanguard Authentication is a scalable, modular-integrated solution that enables enterprises to control and secure access to the entire IT infrastructure.

  • Simplifies enterprise authentication for both z/OS and Windows Active Directory environments.
  • Supports a diverse range of authentication capabilities to include Token, Tokenless, PIV Card, and an industry leading range of token support making Vanguard’s Multifactor Authentication solution one of the most robust in the industry.