Vanguard PasswordReset™

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Saves time and money by simplifying and automating z/OS Security Server administrator tasks.

Enables security administrators to automatically monitor z/OS Security Server access to identify and report on unreferenced security rules.

An easy-to-use toolkit that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for enterprises extending security database to their applications.

A Windows GUI interface to provide point and click security administration for both z/OS Security Server and DB2 environments.

Easy-to-use solution to administer and report on all z/OS Security Server and z/VM systems across the enterprise with a simple web-based interface.

Vanguard PasswordReset saves time and money by allowing users to reset their own password. It empowers employees, customers and other authorized users to quickly and securely change their own passwords anytime using their web browser without costly IT support.

  • Do you need an enterprise-wide, self-service, web-based, password reset tool?
  • PasswordReset provides immediate payback for your organization.
  • 40-60% of your security administrators time is used to reset passwords.
  • Keep your company and employees working while increasing profitability!



  • User self-service enrollment.
  • Web-enabled, can be operated on z/OS Security Server or independently.
  • Flexible pricing models.



  • Web-based end user self-service password reset.
  • Uses standard challenge and response technology for user validation.
  • Operates on various web server technologies.
  • All web-based transactions are fully secure and encrypted.
  • Integrates with Vanguard Tokenless technologies to deliver token passcodes.