Vanguard Analyzer™

Vanguard Analyzer provides Vanguard expertise on z/OS Security Server. Analyzer delivers expert-level vulnerability assessments of z/OS Security Server configuration controls and security settings with the ability to produce audit results in minutes.

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Provides complete collection of reporting and system events to enable powerful forensic analysis.

Automates review of current z/OS Security Server configurations against prevailing standards to include DISA STIG, NIST, DB2, PCI-DSS hardening standards and Vanguard Best Practices dramatically reducing personal cost and time to verify compliance.

Provides continuous monitoring of security controls with an automated process to compare your current z/OS Security Server configuration controls against the previously established baseline.

An easy-to-use toolkit that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for enterprises extending security database to their applications.

Performs millions of critical compliance checks to guarantee adherence to Vanguard and IBM z/OS Security Server and RACF best practices

A simulation-testing application that allows security administrators to test and evaluate the impact of new RACF commands before implemented in a production environment.

Dramatically reduces security risks and improves regulation compliance, minimizing the need for expensive remediation, while increasing staff productivity

Vanguard Analyzer provides risk analysis and mitigation requirements in easy-to-read panels. System auditors can review Analyzer findings in order of priority and mitigate accordingly.

  • Do you have access to expert-level assessment based on severity and vulnerabilities?
  • Are your security analyst armed with invaluable interpretation of assessment findings?
  • Can you provide your company with a detailed explanation, easy-to-understand risk statements and corrective actions that need to be followed step-by-step?



  • RiskMinder™ works automatically and concurrently, in the background, to identify items that may pose a risk to system integrity. RiskMinder immediately notifies the user if any risk is detected.
  • SmartAssist™ performs an expert-level assessment of identified risks, including detailed recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Message text, written in simple business language, reduces the knowledge levels required to do the job. Risk assessments are ranked by severity, ranging from informational to an actual security or integrity breach requiring immediate action.
  • The Vanguard Audit Workprogram guides a user through all the steps required to conduct an in-depth z/OS system audit with Vanguard Analyzer.



  • Analyzer runs thousands of integrity checks for z/OS Security Server.
  • Smart Link provides integration with other Vanguard software products.
  • SmartAssist describes discovered issues and remediation in plain language.
  • Provides file change detection for sensitive corporate data.
  • Delivers “Find-it-fix-it-fast” functionality providing direct remediation from a finding.