Vanguard Authenticator™

Authenticator™ is a protocol converter and LDAP directory. This middleware allows for simplification and centralization of security authentication services.



Vanguard Authenticator™ is a scalable, modular and integrated authentication solution that enables enterprises to control authentication and authorization to their enterprise.

  • Can you control access to your entire IT infrastructure from a single centralized, secure location?
  • Decrease the security threat, control enterprise-wide access from a centralized secure location.
  • Keep your company and your employees connected and authenticated.

  • Simplifies administration of security for a diverse set of devices and protocols.
  • Allows z/OS Security Server to control access to a wide variety of devices and protocols.
  • Reduces the complexity by reducing the number of passwords required.


  • Centralizes authentication requests from many applications, devices and operating systems.
  • Provides conversion of multiple authentication protocols.
  • Processes all incoming authentication requests and performs authentication.
  • Integrates with other Vanguard security solutions optimizing security environment.
  • Performs as a LDAP virtual directory.
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