Vanguard ez/SignOn™

Vanguard ez/SignOn automates password authentication, and authenticates users from nearly any system or hardware device – the same password is used to safely sign on to multiple systems in the enterprise.

  • Deliver a universal single-password sign-on solution across your corporate enterprise.
  • Your users only need to remember a single password saving time and money for your company and security administrators.
  • Improve productivity of both employee and security administration staff.
  • Simplify company-wide password sign-on saving money and improving productivity.
  • Never forget a password again.



  • Single-password synchronization across a variety of platforms.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Integrates with other Vanguard solutions like Password Reset.
  • Centralized auditing on z/OS Security Server using SMF records.



  • Allows for a single point of administration for password change and revocation of users across the enterprise.
  • Enables users to sign on to different systems utilizing a single-password solution.
  • When users change their password on any one system, ez/SignOn will update other systems in the enterprise to keep their password synchronized.