Vanguard ez/Token™

Vanguard ez/Token is a multifactor authentication solution that allows users to authenticate through common token technologies including but not limited to RSA SecurID, YUBiKEY, OAUTH tokens, SafeSign or ActivIdentity tokens, DUO’s Trusted Access solution, Ping Identity MFA to the z/OS Security Server, or many other application requiring multifactor authentication.

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Authenticator is a protocol converter and LDAP directory. This middleware allows for simplification and centralization of security authentication services.

Allows software on heterogeneous platforms to link to and use proven authentication, authorization and auditing capabilities of a z/OS Security Servers® using a standard API.

Authenticates users to z/OS Security Servers and validates identities to PIV authentication servers.

Automates password authentication, and authenticates users from nearly any system or hardware device – the same password is used to safely sign on to multiple systems in the enterprise.

A low cost multifactor authentication solution that generates a one-time, time-sensitive passcode to any mobile device.

Vanguard ez/Token leverages your current investment in your existing multifactor authentication.

  • Do you know the most cost-effective and convenient method to add a higher, more secure level of enterprise-wide access for employees regardless of location?
  • Allow employees to access critical corporate resources with secure multifactor authentication.
  • Eliminate the need to remember and reset passwords.
  • Eliminate Help Desk calls for forgotten passwords or password resets.


  • With ez/Token, users substitute a new, one-time passcode in place of a password. Passcodes are generated randomly every 60 seconds. For enhanced security, the passcode can be combined with a pin number. The ez/Token solution provides a more secure alternative than the usual user id/password combination.
  • Authenticate to the Mainframe through multiple token technologies like: DUO’s Trusted Access, Ping Identity, ActivIdentity, RSA SecurID, YUBiKEY or OAUTH Tokens via TSO, CICS, IMS, or any other application that utilizes z/OS Security Server authentication.
  • Selectively include or exclude applications from Multifactor Authentication.
  • Easy User Management, users can be migrated to multifactor authentication individually or by groups.



  • Validates user logon using external authentication authorities.
  • Supports multiple token technologies from well know token providers such as RSA, SafeSign, OAUTH, and YUBiKEY.
  • Provides selective inclusion or exclusion of multifactor authentication at both an application and user level.
  • Allows for easy user ID to distributed identity mapping, providing the ability for a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship to exist.
  • Addresses PCI DSS 8.2 and 8.3.