Vanguard Tokenless Authentication™

Vanguard Tokenless Authentication delivers strong authentication capabilities by generating and sending a one-time use, time sensitive passcode to a mobile communication device the user already possesses.

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Authenticator is a protocol converter and LDAP directory. This middleware allows for simplification and centralization of security authentication services.

Allows software on heterogeneous platforms to link to and use proven authentication, authorization and auditing capabilities of a z/OS Security Servers® using a standard API.

Authenticates users to z/OS Security Servers and validates identities to PIV authentication servers.

Automates password authentication, and authenticates users from nearly any system or hardware device – the same password is used to safely sign on to multiple systems in the enterprise.

ez/Token™ leverages your current investment in your existing multifactor authentication.

Vanguard Tokenless Authentication is a complete, economical, multifactor authentication solution that generates and sends a one-time use, time-sensitive passcode to a mobile communication device the user already possesses.

  • Does your company use the most cost-effective way to secure corporate enterprise access?
  • Tokenless Multifactor Authentication is a simple, cost-effective way to add the next level of security to your corporate network.
  • No need to deploy and manage expensive, physical token devices.



  • Cost-effective solution to add multifactor authentication to z/OS Security Server
  • Extends multifactor authentication to any enterprise when used with other Vanguard solutions.
  • No need to deploy and administer expensive tokens
  • Generates a one-time, single-use, time-sensitive password as a “virtual token,” utilizing the user’s mobile device or tablet.
  • Cryptographically generated passcodes that expire within a short specified time period.



  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to tokens, can deliver a time-sensitive passcode to a mobile device or tablet.
  • Provides selective inclusion or exclusion of multifactor authentication at both an application and user level.
  • Integration with other Vanguard Authentication solutions extends Tokenless Authentication across the enterprise.