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Vanguard Security Manager

Vanguard Security Manager is the solution for the “Next Generation” Security Administrator.
  • Do you have new or junior security staff responsible for security administration of more than one solution?
  • Do you have new non-technical staff members required to administer, monitor and report on z/OS Security Server and z/VM systems?
  • Then you need Vanguard Security Manager.


  • Easy-to-use web-enabled Security Administration and Reporting for z/OS Security Server and z/VM.
  • Allows complete enterprise-wide reporting – individuals can report against one, more or all entities and can schedule reports to run on a continuous basis.
  • Combines automated security administration, analytics and reporting in one complete package.
  • Reports are created using industry standards-based SQL.
  • Has dozens of built-in best practice reports which can be used as the basis for new ad-hoc reporting.


  • Enables security administrators to automate recurring, time-consuming, “task-oriented” administration.
  • Delivers extensive reporting and data mining.
  • Allows comparing profiles on the same or different databases.
  • Vanguard Security Manager includes comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to help security teams rapidly identify problems and allow auditors to quickly view changes and report findings.
  • An easy-to-use, task-based interface that enables inexperienced security administrators to perform operations such as defining and granting access to users and groups, resetting passwords, and scheduling reports without knowing security commands.
  • Pre-built Vanguard Best Practice reports that analyze databases for potential security threats that can be run on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.
  • Support for reporting on multiple security databases – Automatic scheduling of reports to run daily, weekly, monthly, or annually and be emailed to appropriate individuals in Excel®, comma delimited or PDF format.

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