Vanguard and CISO Evanta History

Vanguard Integrity Professionals has attended the Global CISO Evanta since its inception and first event in Aspen, Colorado September 9th to 11th, 2013. Since then there have been 3,463 significant breaches with major corporations and a loss of 9,740,567,988 records.


Companies face mounting internal and external cyber threats, therefore the status of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role is critical. Today’s CISO needs to stay current with the threat landscape and the technologies used to defend corporate assets. The CISO must also communicate with stakeholders and corporate boards, putting those threats into a business context.


CISOs are under constant pressure to create strategies to deploy IT security hardware and software under budget and on time that meet or exceed corporate security policies, standards and procedures. In addition, they manage the downward pressure from the board, side pressures of both the internal and external auditors while working with senior management to make sure that IT security policies are deployed, revised, sustained, and overseen effectively.

Super-Hero CISO?

Superhero skills include; communication and presentation skills; policy development and administration; knowledge about relevant legislation both current and incoming, collaboration, planning, and strategic management skills; supervisory and incident management skills; and a knowledge of regulation and standards compliance.


However, the most valuable skill should be the ability to articulate IT security and technical issues in a non-threatening, clear and actionable manner to non-technical leadership.
Vanguard has developed in partnership with major clients, the ability to validate your organizations z/OS, RACF, ACF2, z/Linux, and Top Secret Security/Compliance posture with an automated capability. The company specific baseline incorporates best practices, international standards and custom checks specific for your company policy requirements.


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