Avert Cyber-Attack!

What is a Vanguard Security Snapshot? Based on 30 years of relevant cyber-security experience, Vanguard has developed a process for collecting and processing all relevant customer data, then assessing it against Vanguard’s checklist of best practices. Upon completion, Vanguard delivers a detailed report on the findings, and provides recommendations for remediation.


The Threat is Real

With increased threat levels, cyber-attacks have become mainstream, and we see new threats from more sources than ever before, with threats for Internet of Things, Ransomeware and Malware like MIRAI and others. There are unlimited paths into an organization’s infrastructure, and more risk than ever before.


With an intensified level of concern for the safety of your valuable company data at risk, Vanguard is committed to providing you with the best cyber-security solutions in the world.


Our customers needs are evolving rapidly, with more cyber-attacks, more threats, and more high-risk applications than ever before. Vanguard is committed to the development, implementation and support of our industry-leading security solutions that will provide our customers with exceptional products and solutions to instill absolute confidence at a time when the cyber-security threat is imminent.


Please take advantage of our complimentary Vanguard Security Snapshot to ensure that your enterprise is safeguarded against security breaches and other potential cyber-risks.

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