Top Features and Enhancements for the release of IBM z/OS 2.5

The release of IBM z/OS 2.5 will continue to strengthen the security, integrity, and privacy of data with new features and enhancements. Development teams can leverage cybersecurity system hardening to provide a new level of resiliency for your organization’s enterprise security environment.

Here is a list of the top features and enhancements included with this release:

• New primary displays and secondary panels further enhance information that SDSF can show enabling programmers to better manage their z/OS environment.

• A new z/OSMF task in z/OSMF Software Management called Software Update. The graphical user interface in Software Update provides a simplified and guided process to install any SMP/E-packaged PTF, regardless of the software vendor.

• RACF PassTicket capabilities have been updated to support stronger cryptographic algorithm with additional controls to enhance client support and improve error diagnostics and additional information logged in SMF.

• z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) is enhanced to provide policy-based enforcement of local network cryptography requirements. When TCP connections match user-defined zERT enforcement rules, you can obtain immediate notification of questionable or unacceptable network cryptographic protection through messages, SMF audit records, and even automatic termination of connections.

• An anomaly mitigation solution leveraging Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA), Runtime Diagnostics, Workload Manager (WLM), and JES2 that further enables clients to detect anomalous behavior in near real-time so they can proactively address potential problems before an availability impacting event can develop.

• Real Storage Manager (RSM) support for more than 4 TB of real memory. This enables new workloads that require vast amounts of memory to be created and run on the platform.

For information on Vanguard 2.5 Product Enhancements visit the Vanguard Security Solutions 2.5 page or download the 2.5 Vanguard Product Enhancements document.

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