Who is Vanguard Cyber Bob?


Vanguard Cyber Bob represents the Vanguard Cyber Security Expert – epitomizing the industry’s leading Security Experts at Vanguard Integrity Professionals.
Vanguard Cyber Bob is a Cyber Security Super Hero – representing the expertise, knowledge and skills required to investigate, troubleshoot, isolate, remediate and resolve any cyber-security challenge.


What is Vanguard Cyber Bob?


Vanguard Cyber Bob symbolizes every employee at Vanguard, committed to our customers, their enterprises and the security and protection of their data.
Vanguard Cyber Bob is our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Vanguard Cyber Bob represents our value proposition of AGILITY | SERVICE | KNOWLEDGE and INNOVATION.


Why Vanguard Cyber Bob?


The world needs a cyber-security super hero, with all the cyber-attacks, ransomware and cyber terrorism, companies, governments and enterprises today need a partner they can trust, a partner they turn to for help and guidance, a partner capable of investigation, resolution and preparation for the next cyber crisis.
Vanguard Cyber Bob is here to save the day!


Where is Vanguard Cyber Bob?


Vanguard Cyber Bob is conveniently based at our Headquarters Campus, in Las Vegas, Nevada ready to blast off and respond to any customer crisis at a moment’s notice.

No challenge is too great, no question too difficult, no issue left un-resolved – rest assured your enterprise and data are safe and secure with Vanguard Cyber Bob!


See Vanguard Cyber Bob in action here!