Return on Your Training Investment (ROI)


According to Merrill Lynch, every $1.00 spent on training yields $30.00 in productivity gains within three years. Vanguard zSecurity University teaches practical techniques for improving enterprise security, increasing productivity and reducing administration errors (thereby reducing IT costs).


According to an IDC survey of 224 IT teams, over 60% of IT managers believe that the technical skill of their teams is the most important success criterion for critical IT functions and “teams that are well trained in information security were 10% more productive and accounted for $70,000 worth of improvement annually.” The best, most cost effective way to increase the level of security productivity and decrease security risk in your enterprise is to obtain System z security and compliance training.


Vanguard Training ROI


  • Reduces IT security costs
  • Increases staff performance, productivity and reduces administration errors
  • Increases staff mainframe security skills that can be directly applied on-the-job
  • Reduces IT security risks
  • Increases the level of security on your System z security server
  • Provides new staff member training
  • Cross-trains existing IT security staff



The increasing complexity of today’s enterprise underscores the need for well-trained mainframe security professionals. Increased demands on administrators, security professionals, auditors, and managers have been profound in recent years. Other factors that have affected security staff workload include:



  • Increased security vulnerabilities throughout your enterprise
  • Increased potential security exposures with the integration of multi-platform, internet and extranet systems
  • Increasing cybersecurity attacks and outsider/insider threats and intrusions
  • Loss of senior staff members by attrition
  • Increased legislation and regulatory compliance demands
  • The increased level of control expected by both internal and external auditors
  • The growth in the number of authorized users of systems
  • The dramatic expansion of the computer network



z/OS security administrators, analysts and auditors also need to be “refreshed” as the mainframe environment changes. According to Gartner, IT security professionals on the distributed network need to be trained on z/OS system and application security because z/OS systems are part of the network.



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Vanguard has developed a training justification letter for you to use that outlines the benefits of attending Vanguard zSecurity University. This document may be customized to meet your specific training objectives.


Justification Letter



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