With Vanguard CleanUp™, security administrators can easily and automatically monitor z/OS Security Server access to identify and report on unreferenced security rules.
  • Do you currently have a solution to identify, cleanup and delete unwanted profiles like users, groups, connects, and general resources from your z/OS Security Server database?
  • Do you need the ability to provide usage reports for auditors, security administrators and company executives?
  • Do you have a tool that validates the impact and provides simulation testing revealing problems and errors prior to operationalization?
  • Allows for selective cleanup of the z/OS Security Server database.
  • Provides the commands for the user to delete and recover profiles as required.
  • Includes comprehensive reporting functionality.
  • Delivers automatic purge of data that is older than a user specified number of days.
  • Uses an exact copy of the database to minimize the impact on the database when generating commands and reports.
  • Ability to view Vanguard Offline SURROGAT Class reports.
  • Generates commands to delete (and restore) unused and unwanted profiles.
  • Produces a wide-range of usage reports for auditors and security administrators.
  • Provides complete accounting of all authorization requests.
  • Analyzes the database to identify and report on all unreferenced or unused RACF entities.

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