Vanguard Self-Help Password Reset

Vanguard Self-Help Password Reset is a self-service web application that assists users in resetting their own passwords. Vanguard Self-Help Password Reset supports user IDs on one or more host systems.

Vanguard Self-Help Password Reset web application supports the following functions:

• Registers email addresses to RACF user IDs , ACF2 logonids, and TSS ACIDs .
• Creates email requests to reset a password.
• Resets passwords.
• Allows the user to reset their password from a known email address without having to answer security questions.

The Self-Help Password Reset feature is available to run on all zServer ESM’s (RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret).


1. Simple web interface for User Registration, Password Reset Request and Password Reset.

2. Automatic USER Lookup. Will query and ESM’s configured and display available ESM’s.

3. Customer Password Guidelines adjustable and enforceable.

4. Multiple ESM’s supported from a single website.

System Requirements

Operating System
• Any supported release of the IBM z/OS operating system
• A web server that runs JavaServer Pages

External Security Managers
• RACF for z/OS (supported releases)
• ACF2 for z/OS (supported releases)
• TSS for z/OS (supported releases)

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