How Vanguard Is Helping Customers Securely Deploy Cloud-based Services

Many large enterprises are looking for ways to outsource email and other applications to the cloud. A critical requirement for making cloud outsourcing migration a success is to ensure that security exposures are not increased.


While cloud-based services provide many benefits, they can also significantly increase an organization’s security risks and vulnerabilities, especially if proper processes to safeguard corporate data are not implemented.

Enterprise Cloud Authentication

In today’s cloud-based world the requirement to separate Access, Control and Data is not an option; moreover a required fiduciary responsibility.


Vanguard’s Enterprise Cloud Authentication makes the task simple and provides the control required across the enterprise.  Today Vanguard supports any SAML-based cloud. This includes cloud solutions like Google, Yahoo, Sales Force, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn and any other Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based cloud.


The Vanguard solution works with both z/OS Security Server or standard Windows Active Directory.  Vanguard Enterprise Cloud Authentication also includes comprehensive options for Multifactor Authentication including Token, Tokenless and PIV Card Authentication.


The customer benefit data is maintained in the Cloud where you benefit from high performance processing and access that cloud solutions deliver.  Access is through standard access and authentication from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Sales Force etc…  however; control is administered remotely. Data and passwords are separated and never in the same place. If data is breached, no password or credentials are associated.


The mainframe has been providing shared computing resources (known today as cloud computing) to enterprise customers for more than four decades. These services, previously known as timeshare services or data service vendors, provide companies with a shared pool of computing resources that are managed centrally and deliver on-demand user access to applications and services.


To minimize risk, enterprises using for cloud computing must ensure that their systems are secure and control is centrally managed. Only authorized, and authenticated, users should be allowed to access sensitive cloud-based data and applications. Securing the cloud is complex, but no more difficult than many of the security challenges that Vanguard has been solving for customers for more than 30 years.

Vanguard Security Solutions

Continuous Monitoring of information systems security provides organizations with near real-time information about security breaches and changes in security controls reducing risk, exposure and vulnerabilities.

GDPR is designed to give individuals better control over their own personal data and establish a single set of rules across Europe.

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient information is no longer just a best practice for healthcare organizations HIPAA is a legal requirement.

Vanguard’s HITRUST solution is a comprehensive, standards based solution solving the complex challenges that face the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST).

Vanguard’s IAM solution automates and simplifies z/OS® security server security and compliance administration tasks and enhances delegation capabilities and identity governance.

With such a large diversity of vendors, it is easy for IT security decision-makers to get confused about which solution is right for their organization. Therefore, Vanguard goes the extra distance insuring robust support for the most diverse range of token technologies.

Vanguard’s PCI security solution helps determine your level of compliance with PCI, as well as validate your adherence to PCI requirements.

SIEM provides a holistic, unified view into not only the infrastructure but also workflow, compliance and log management. SIEM can provide a multitude of capabilities and services efficiently.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) solutions from Vanguard enable organizations to automate the entire compliance lifecycle – from design and documentation, through test, review, approval and certification – reducing the cost and complexity of compliance.

z/Secure Replacement Solution – Upgrade to the Next Generation of Cyber Security.