Policy Manager provides proactive enforcement, corrects commands in accordance with corporate policies, while controlling security administrators.

  • Can your security team guarantee regulatory compliance with proactive policy enforcement and real-time audit trails?
  • Reduce security risk and improve regulatory compliance for your company today!
  • Automatically enforce company-wide best practices.
  • Keep your company compliant to regulatory standards and keep your executives out of the press and media.
  • Uses z/OS Security Server to enforce and prevent changes against the policy rules. All rules for policy enforcement are completely contained within the z/OS Security Server. Attempts to tamper with the security server rules will be detected, prevented and alerted upon.
  • The Command Audit Trail feature is designed to monitor and log changes made within a system or program. The Vanguard Policy Manager feature, Command Audit Trail tracks the actual changes made to the security server profiles within the profiles themselves.
  • This satisfies numerous regulatory requirements including NIST 800-53, Payment Card Industry Standards (PSS-DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and others.
  • Policy Manager provides the most advanced secure password capabilities while providing real-time password management.
  • Ensures all commands comply with company policies.
  • Where possible, modifies commands to be compliant.
  • Provides an audit trail within the profile of the command history.
  • Provides pre-defined best practice policies.
  • Delivers the ability to create and customize user defined policies.
  • Addresses PCI DSS 7.1 and 7.2.

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