VANGUARD Security Assessments

Today’s mainframe is another server in the data center, accessible

internally and externally like every Windows, Unix, Linux, or other

server. Not only are mainframe environments vulnerable to internal

malicious users, but also to external hacktivists, criminals and

competitors. To ensure critical assets are properly protected in RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret (External Managers),

organizations should perform regular mainframe security assessments.

Vanguard Professional Services team conduct Vanguard Security Assessments

to quickly identify and prioritize mainframe penetration risks, determine

whether the implementation reflects best practices for security and integrity,

and evaluate the potential impact and exposure of any findings on an

organization’s operations and reputation, e.g., failing audits, losing

revenue or violating privacy protections.

How Security Assessments Work

Vanguard Security Assessments target mainframe penetration risks based

on Vanguard’s industry-leading knowledge of z/OS security server,

enterprise and cloud security.


Checks include:

  • 170+ mainframe security configuration controls.
  • Integrity of the implementation.
  • Documented security policies for provisioning and administration.
  • Security-related procedures for operations, help desk and support departments.


Reports include:

  • Each area where policies, procedures and systems are creating risk.
  • Rankings from low to severe of detected vulnerabilities.
  • Guidance on how to prevent future problems.
  • Instructions for remediating security problems and meeting standards and regulations.
  • Prevent security breaches and other risks.
  • Protect critical customer and corporate data and applications.
  • Reduce risk by implementing security policies and procedures.
  • Increase efficiencies in managing and auditing mainframe systems.
  • Enhance productivity, decrease downtime and align security resources.
vanguard security assessment

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