Vanguard Administrative Solutions are industry leading, powerful cybersecurity solutions for z/OS environments that automate processes, offer powerful reporting with real-time management, and provide control over policy administration and mainframe security monitoring.

Vanguard Administrator is the industry’s leading mainframe administration tool for z/OS, RACF, ACF2, and TSS. Vanguard Administrator makes what were once complex tasks effortless. Previously arduous processes are now in many cases, single step actions that can be accomplished without expert knowledge of RACF or significant investment in training. Administrator solves the problem of increased workloads and operating complexity with easy-to-use security automation features, and delivers the tools and processes that will help manage z/OS security servers.


• Improves operational efficiency
• Reduces risk and exposure
• SURROGAT class analysis reporting

Vanguard ez/Integrator is an easy-to-use toolkit that provides authentication, authorization and accounting for enterprises to extend security databases to their applications. Vanguard ez/Integrator is an API that extends the security capabilities of ESMs on the mainframe. Vanguard ez/Integrator allows developers to concentrate on writing application code without having to design and maintain other internal security implementations.


Developers can write programs that make the calls to Vanguard ez/Integrator to:

  • Authenticate users
  • Authorize users to computing resources
  • Write event records for auditing purposes
  • Perform ESM administration

Vanguard Offline allows detailed mainframe security monitoring and reporting of how resources are accessed, including who, when, where, and what level of authority. This allows for complete and accurate remediation of excessive or inappropriate access to resources. Vanguard Offline reduces the risk involved in making changes to IBM z/OS security server by providing a test environment where users can make changes and then validate those changes prior to executing the commands in a production environment. Using Vanguard Offline is a superior method to testing changes in a test environment due to the fact that test environments never simulate all production access, whereas Offline can and will simulate all production access captured over time.


• Impact Analysis Reports (IAR)
• Easy-to-use panel
• Collect and aggregates all security decisions into a database
• Checks access previously granted via SURROGAT Submit profiles
• Provides simple method for remediation of elevated access authorities

Vanguard SecurityCenter is a Windows GUI interface to provide point-and-click security mainframe administration for both z/OS Security Server and DB2 environments. Vanguard SecurityCenter saves time and money with a Windows GUI for security administration on z/OS Security Server for non-systems Z specialists or users with limited z/OS experience. One of Vanguard SecurityCenter’s most significant features is that it is developed from a RACF perspective; there are no new commands or security methodologies to learn.


• Provides real-time administration functionality for z/OS security server and DB2
• Enables automatic recurring, time-consuming administration
• Automatically generates the correct commands to accompany each action

Vanguard Self Help Password Reset is a self-service web application that assists users in resetting their own passwords. Vanguard Self-Help Password Reset supports user IDs on one or more host systems. Allows the user to reset their password from a known email address without having to answer security questions. Vanguard Self-Help Password has a simple-to-use web interface and supports multiple ESMs. This latest Vanguard mainframe administration tool integrates into your corporate website login page through URL links to two pages: Email Registration and Reset Request.


• Simple web interface
• Automatic user lookup
• Multiple ESMs supported from a single website