Executive Team

The Vanguard Executive Team is comprised of visionaries, entrepreneurs, cybersecurity experts, and seasoned global executives with diverse backgrounds from the United States Military and industry leading Fortune 500 companies, each dedicated to protecting the critical infrastructure globally and committed to a world secured.

Ronn H. Bailey

Founder, CEO and CTO

Ronn H. Bailey Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Vanguard Integrity Professionals, is a recognized expert in cybersecurity and information technology. Bailey has been the CEO and CTO of Vanguard for more than 30 years. Ronn works closely with government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, helping to identify and resolve the ever-changing threatscape related to cybersecurity, governance, risk, and forensic analysis.


Bailey, a cybersecurity inventor and patent holder, was requested to help write the “Cyberspace Security Policy” for the Bush administration.


Bailey is an extreme athlete having participated in the dangerous off-road race known as The Dakar. Extreme off-road racing has been instrumental in running and operating a highly successful company. Like racing, leading a championship organization requires developing and executing highly effective plans and highly skilled resource management.


Bailey is a cybersecurity visionary driven by his patriotism for the United States of America. He is a proud veteran having served in the United States Air Force with deployment in the Vietnam War during his military tenure.

Brian Marshall


Brian Marshall joined Vanguard in 2006 serving initially as the director of research and development. During this time Marshall was the primary architect and visionary behind Vanguard Configuration Manager, which is the only automated baseline configuration scanner that enables government agencies and contractors to test and assess their compliance with the National Checklist Program (NCP) guidelines, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for IBM z/OS and RACF.


Prior to joining Vanguard, Marshall served 11 years in software development management at Computer Associates and Innovative DP Designs, Inc., where he led the development of IMS database utilities. He was also a professor of computer science at Solano College in Fairfield, California.


Marshall holds one shared patent on a method of reorganizing IMS databases online. He is also an expert on NIST security standards. Marshall remains an active educator and speaker on numerous z/OS security and compliance topics at RACF User Groups (RUGs), Vanguard’s annual security and compliance conference and other industry conferences.


Marshall holds a BS in computer science and MBA from Sonoma State University.

Yvonne Shoup

Vice President of Administration

Yvonne Shoup, Vice President of Administration for Vanguard Integrity Professionals, joined Vanguard in 1992. Yvonne is a strategic member of the executive team responsible for Vanguard’s employee well-being and corporate administration. Shoup has held many key positions at Vanguard in her advanced tenure. As head of administration at Vanguard, Shoup is the essential link between Vanguard and its employees.


Shoup earned her degree from California State University – Fullerton.

John Connors

Vice President of Technology

John Connors has more than 35 years of cybersecurity experience. John joined Vanguard´s Professional Services Team as a Senior Professional Services Consultant in April 2002. Today, John has assumed leadership of technical operations for Vanguard and guides Vanguard clients with various enterprise security issues as customers struggle with integration of z/OS Security Server and numerous other enterprises security systems. Connors is a recognized expert in multiple cybersecurity disciplines, including securing TCP/IP and other communication protocols, securing UNIX implementation and evaluations of network-based security control systems.


Connors has a broad based technical background with expertise and certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCP, MCP+I, MCSE), Cryptographic System Repairman, Computer Languages including .NET, C#, C++, ADA, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL, Perl, Dbase III, ACCESS; CISCO Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Frame Relay, ATM, Microsoft Information Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Site Server, VTEL Video Communications Systems, TC2000, Multi-point Conference units, AT&T Switches, Dimension 400, 2000, System 75/85, and G3.


Prior to joining Vanguard, Connors served for over 24 years in the United States Air Force where he was the Secure Communication Specialist/Superintendent of Network Operations. After a long, successful career with the military, he finally retired as Chief of Special Projects responsible for managing large scale command control communication and computer systems. John’s commercial background roles include Operations Manager and Chief Architect for a large ASP and Senior Systems Engineer for a major computer integrator.

Nancy Baird


Nancy relocated from Los Angeles and joined Vanguard Integrity Professionals in 2004 with a financial background in public accounting, cash management, financial reporting, cost accounting, acquisitions and audit. Prior to Vanguard she worked in the finance departments of public companies in publishing, auto parts manufacturing, television and film. She has been Corporate Controller and a member of the management team since 2014.


Nancy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California Lutheran University.

Roxane Rosberg

Vice President of Customer Relations and Conference

Roxane Rosberg joined Vanguard in 2001 as a key member of the executive team. Rosberg is the strategic liaison between Vanguard and our largest customers. As Head of Customer Relations, Rosberg is the essential link between Vanguard customers and the Vanguard Executive Team. Rosberg helps solve complex and sensitive business issues along with overseeing internal and external events. Rosberg is also responsible for the highly successful VSC Conference Program.


Rosberg is fluent in German and earned her Bachelors degree from the University of Dayton.

Milt Rosberg

Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Deeply rooted in the security industry since 1999 with Consul Risk Management (acquired by IBM), Milton Rosberg has worked with Vanguard Integrity Professional as consultant since 2001 along with other industry leading companies that provide solutions for ACF2, Top Secret and RACF. Other areas of expertise include z/OS vulnerably engagements, SIEM connectively, compliance, audit solutions, and system migrations.


A hands-on leader that brings energy and creative thinking to business problem solving, Mr. Rosberg also works closely with CISO professionals within the critical infrastructure producing quick results to complex security business related strategies that improve operational efficiency while meeting the rigors of compliance.