Vanguard SecurityCenter™

Vanguard SecurityCenter™ is a Windows GUI interface to provide point-and-click security administration for both z/OS Security Server and DB2 environments.

Vanguard SecurityCenter™ saves time and money with a Windows GUI for security administration on z/OS Security Server for non-systems Z specialists or users with limited z/OS experience.

  • Provide your security staff with an easy-to-use, powerful graphical user interface for simple, accurate security administration.
  • Free up highly trained resources by delegating routine task to less experienced or new staff members.
  • Automates and simplifies routine security administrative tasks via an easy-to-use interface.
  • Performs DB2 security administration.
  • Provides rapid command generation that can be exported, reviewed and submitted by senior personnel.
  • Allows for “view only” auditing security databases.
  • Relieves system administrators from ordinary help desk duties by allowing authorized personnel to perform user administration without having the system-special or group-special attribute.
  • Provides real-time administration functionality for z/OS Security Server and DB2, with point-and-click, across windows-compatible desktop and mobile devices.
  • Enables automated recurring, time-consuming “task-oriented” administration.
  • Allows comparing profiles on the same or different databases.
  • Automatically generates the correct commands to accompany each action.

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