Vanguard ez/PIV Card

 for RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret
Authenticates users to z/OS Security Servers and validates identities to PIV authentication servers.
  • Do you have government mandated PIV Card requirements to satisfy?
  • Does your PIV Card solution satisfy standards based FIPS 201 and HSPD-12?
  • Increase system security with multifactor authentication validating employees and contractors before they gain access to your most critical resources.
  • Allows z/OS Security Server to verify government issued PIV card credentials through multifactor authentication.
  • Easy point-and-click PIV password creation
  • Uses OCSP or CRL authorities to check for current certifications
  • Compatible with IBM’s new password algorithm
  • Deployable in an enterprise extender environment as a pass-through request.
  • ez/PIV Card Authenticator is a PIV Card authentication solution that ensures z/OS Security Server complies with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and Federal Information Processing Standards 201 (FIPS 201).
  • ez/PIV Card increases system security by requiring multifactor authentication to validate employees and external contractors before they gain access to an enterprise’s most critical resources.
  • Provides out-of-band password generation and validation.
  • Provides enhanced PIV Card and password validation.
  • Once a PIV Card has been revoked, a user is immediately denied access to z/OS Security Server.

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