VANGUARD Remediation Services

Remediation of misconfigured systems and applications decrease the cost
to maintain them and reduces an organization’s risk. Yet, many times
security and compliance vulnerabilities go unnoticed until after
internal and external auditors or hackers have discovered them.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, organizations often do not have adequate
internal resources to remediate problems quickly and comprehensively. The
world’s leading enterprises rely on Vanguard to remediate security and
compliance problems. Vanguard has the largest and most experienced group
of security specialists in the world and proven expertise remediating
enterprise systems.

Vanguard Professional Services Security experts:

  • Review results of security assessments, audits and security checks
  • Run reports, programs and batch jobs and analyze system settings
  • Recommend remediation and optimization solutions
  • Prepare project plans, schedules and budgets
  • Determine roles for Vanguard and internal staff
  • Perform required changes and advise internal staff
  • Report on project progress
  • Review results and discoveries with management
  • Transfer knowledge to internal staff
  • Develop documentation to ensure ongoing compliance

Vanguard customizes each remediation project to an organization’s structure,
business needs and security factors.

  • Industry-leading mainframe expertise
  • Remediation of the most complex audit and security findings
  • Cost-effective and timely processes
  • Emphasis on industry standards applicable to the organization
  • Partnership approach maximizes resources and minimizes costs
  • Decision support, knowledge transfer and complete documentation
vanguard remediation services

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