VANGUARD Role-Based Access Control

Vanguard’s RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) implementation services enforce
“least privilege” access to mainframe resources by granting access privileges
based on job functions. Conversion projects include proven processes and
unique RBAC conversion software, developed by Vanguard, is used to help
organizations reduce provisioning time, eliminate errors and adhere to
role structure over time.

How RBAC Conversions Work

Vanguard tailors each RBAC conversion project to an organization’s
enterprise and business needs.


Vanguard Professional Services consultants:

  • Conduct design meetings with designated personnel.
  • Develop conversion plans.
  • Configure Vanguard’s RBAC conversion software.
  • Conduct initial tests of the conversion process.
  • Provide project management and oversight.
  • Train internal staff on processes, standards and the RBAC software.
  • Reduce the cost, risk and complexity of user-access management.
  • Decrease staff and business disruptions.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Streamline IT administration, security and governance.
  • Meet industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce audit response times.

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