Securing Enterprise Access Control

Vanguard Authenticator is a scalable, modular and integrated authentication solution that enables enterprises to control authentication and authorization to their enterprise.

Vanguard ez/Integrator allows software on heterogeneous platforms to link to and use proven authentication, authorization and accounting capabilities of a z/OS Security Server using a standard API.

Vanguard ez/PIV Card authenticates users to z/OS Security Servers and validates identities to PIV authentication servers.

Vanguard ez/SignOn™ automates password authentication, and authenticates users from nearly any system or hardware device – the same password is used to safely sign on to multiple systems in the enterprise.

Vanguard ez/Token leverages your current investment in your existing multifactor authentication.

Vanguard Tokenless Authentication is a complete, economical, multifactor authentication solution that generates and sends a one-time use, time-sensitive passcode to a mobile communication device the user already possesses.