Vanguard zSecurity University – RACF Training

Since 1986, Vanguard Integrity Professionals has trained thousands of IT security professionals worldwide.

Vanguard zSecurity University is the industry’s leading source to obtain enterprise-specific IT security training, and is a year-round program providing comprehensive IT security education for new and experienced security professionals. Students will train alongside world-renowned network security experts and gain practical skills that can be applied to the workplace.


If you are, or will be responsible for implementing, administrating, supporting or auditing z/OS Security Server, Enterprise or Cloud security and compliance, effective security training from Vanguard’s zSecurity University will ensure the highest return on investment and the most immediate payoff for improving security and compliance in your enterprise.

Whether you are new to RACF, ACF2, and TSS or looking to expand your range of skills, we offer live training sessions that will lead you toward your next milestone!

Self-paced training sessions provide subscribers with all they need to securely administrate mainframe systems.

Top-tier education from some of the most skilled RACF professionals in the field!

RACF-specific topics & training meet-ups that are unique to local geographic regions.


Addressing the most common questions related to our training program.