Penetration testing helps organizations detect system weaknesses and vulnerabilities in advance of internal and external attacks. Proactive penetration testing can be performed periodically to evaluate system defenses, assess security policy enforcement and ensure critical assets are properly protected.


Vanguard Penetration Testing services discover high-risk vulnerabilities, determine if sufficient defenses are in place, offers remediation guidance, and recommends a plan and methodology for ongoing testing.


  • Identifies penetration risks on z/OS Security Servers.
  • Protects security and ensures compliance.
  • Ensure procedures meet industry and regulatory standards.
  • Provides remediation plan to correct penetration vulnerabilities.
  • Transfer knowledge to security staff.

How Penetration Testing Works

Vanguard Penetration Testing includes a rigorous review of security policies, procedures and configuration controls to identify gaps in security that could be exploited by internal and external attackers. Vanguard security consultants determine the current security posture of the enterprise environment.


Vanguard Penetration Testing includes:

  • Reconnaissance utilizing network mapping tools, networking sweepers and port scanning tools to identify possible points of entry, including TCP and UDP ports.
  • Identification of TCP and UDP services that provide appropriate transport layer protection.
  • Vulnerability scan and analysis of discovered network services, applications and functionality on targeted systems.
  • Analysis of identified exploitations of systems and services on the network layer and applications running in the environment.
  • Analysis of identified exploitations from within z/OS to attempt privilege escalation.
  • Comprehensive report with details of penetration vulnerabilities, severity rankings, remediation instructions, and plans for ongoing testing.

More Professional Services

Vanguard Staff Augmentation services enable organizations to quickly add qualified staff to their enterprise security team.

Implementation services include increasing the efficiency of existing security and compliance capabilities, deploying new security proficiencies, supporting industry and regulatory requirements, and training.

Security Assessments quickly identify and prioritize penetration risks, determine whether the implementation reflects best practices for security and integrity and evaluate the potential impact and exposure of any findings.

Organizations are turning to the Vanguard Professional Services team to assist them with DB2-to-RACF security migrations.

Role Based Access Control software, developed by Vanguard is used to help organizations reduce provisioning time, eliminate errors and adhere to role structure over time.

Vanguard has the largest and most experienced group of security specialists in the world and proven expertise remediating enterprise systems.

Vanguard Professional Services team are renowned worldwide for their expertise as security solutions professionals. Team members have on average 30 years of mainframe and enterprise security experience.