Meet Your Audit, Security and Compliance Demands

Vanguard CleanUp & Offline

  • Vanguard CleanUp generates commands to remove unused profiles, permissions, users, and groups from the RACF database using historical RACF requests.
  • CleanUp users can also employ the Vanguard Offline tool as an added layer of security to test the impact of deleting identified profiles on the system before the profiles are removed from the production RACF database.


  • Validates Changes
  • Solves Surrogat Class Issues
  • Improves Operational Efficiency
  • Budget Sensitive Multi-Year Offerings
Vanguard Cleanup

With Vanguard CleanUp™, security administrators can easily and automatically monitor z/OS Security Server access to identify and report on unreferenced security rules.

Vanguard Offline

Vanguard Offline allows detailed reporting of how resources are accessed including, who, when, where, and what level of authority. This allows for complete and accurate remediation of excessive or inappropriate access to resources.